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Moto Tassinari is the manufacturer of the AIR4ORCE tunable intake system, as well as the VForce3 and VForce4 reed valve systems. The AIR4ORCE intake system is a larger volume air boot that replaces the stock air boot on modern four-stroke off-road motorcycles. The power delivery is tunable via interchangeable velocity stacks that are included with the kit. The VForce3 and VForce4 reed valve system is complete replacement for stock reed valves. The unique VForce design doubles the reed-tip surface which in turn offers numerous advantages such as, significant horsepower gains, crisper throttle response, improved acceleration, greater efficiency and durability.

Transworld Motocross magazine test rider rings out the '13 YZ125 and comes back smiling

Recently the guys over at Transworld Motocross magazine threw a leg over the 2013 Yamaha YZ125 and were grinning ear-to-ear. Hear their opinions (and the sweet sound of a 125cc being wrung out) on why the 125cc two-stroke still has a place in the sport of modern Motocross, and also hear their impressions of the performance gains with the addition of a Moto Tassinari VForce3 reed valve system. Here's a hint, "…man what a difference that made…a lot crisper…also added a ton of over rev…I was able to do jumps later in the day with the VForce reed block on that I couldn't do earlier when it was stock…", and more.

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An in-depth look at the AIR4ORCE equipped Rockstar Star/Valli Yamaha YZ250F of Ryan Sipes

In the latest installment of SPANNER, in the May 2012 issue of Transworld Motocross magazine the AIR4ORCE equipped Yamaha YZ250F of Ryan Sipes is the featured bike. Ryan Sipes' mechanic Scott Adkins walks you through the various upgrades found on the Rockstar Star/Valli Yamaha YZ250Fs. Of the AIR4ORCE tunable intake system, Scott says, "The higher volume of the Moto Tassinari AIR4ORCE helps to get more air into the engine instantly."

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Sunday, 22 May 2011 20:00

Zach Osborne's Cosworth Yamaha YZ250F

Cosworth Yamahas Profiled in MOTO UK Magazine

Steve Dixon of the Bike It Cosworth Yamaha Wild Wolf GP race team definitely knows a thing or two about bike set-up and getting the absolute maximum performance from his race bikes. Before Steve Dixon was the owner of the Bike It Cosworth Yamaha Wild Wolf GP race team he was long-time GP mechanic. So it really comes as no surprise that team members Zach Osborne and Arnaud Tonus have some of the most trick bikes in the paddock.

The new AIR4ORCE airboot and intake we're running has helped us here. It made a noticeable improvement right away, —Steve Dixon BikeIt Cosworth Yamaha Principal

For 2011 the Bike It Cosworth Yamaha Wild Wolf MX2 racers will be AIR4ORCE equipped. As of this writing, Zach Osborne is sitting atop the leader board after four rounds of the Maxxis British Championship series. Zach finished fourth at the recent USGP at Glen Helen and then followed that up with a solid 5th place at the Grand Prix of Brazil a week later.

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Motocross Action magazine tests the AIR4ORCE

In the June issue of Motocross Action magazine the crew test the Moto Tassinari AIR4ORCE tunable intake system. The testing is done on both a 2011 Yamaha YZ250F and a 2011 Honda CRF250R.

The Motocross Action product tests covers everything from fitment to dyno and on-track results and impressions. On the dyno, testing showed a gain of one more horsepower at peak on the Yamaha YZ250F.

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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 09:21

Motocross Action VForce3 Product Test

Motocross Action magazine tests the Moto Tassinari VForce3 Reed Valve System for the Yamaha YZ250 in July 2010 issue

It works. No drama. No doubts. It is a must have. -5 star rating from MXA

The VForce3 Reed Valve System for the Yamaha YZ250 is featured in the July 2010 of Motocross Action. The product test can be downloaded here, or you can read it below.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Moto Tassinari YZ250 VForce3.

(1) Features. The Moto Tassinari VForce3 has twice as many reeds as a stock reed valve. It looks like two reed valves in one cage. The benefit of doubling the number of reeds is that each individual reed only has to open half as far to get the same amount of fuel to flow. Given the fact that reed petals open and close 133 times per second, the less they move the longer they last. Additionally, the VForce3 reed cage is a modular design that allows each piece to be crafted to do a single job. This is most noticeable at the front of the block where the reed petal tips are recessed into the cage.

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Who is Moto Tassinari?

Moto Tassinari is the manufacturer of the AIR4ORCE tunable intake system (four-stroke) and the VForce3 & 4 reed valve systems (two-stroke).

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